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Northwest Illinois Nonprofit Alliance

We gather and promote useful organizations, publications, and websites to help you and your nonprofit succeed. Although the resources provided in this section are valuable and reliable, the content is provided for informational purposes and is not a substitute for expert legal, tax, or other professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Please contact us if you are searching for a specific resources. We look forward to assisting you!

Additionally, NINA offers events and other types of resources that can help you to grow your organization. These are member-only opportunities so the connections you make will be meaningful and memorable. 

Leadership Network

Network with other NINA members at Leadership Network events. We gather  to discuss a topic important to your nonprofit work. Share in the conversation discussion sharing your experiences and challenges while celebrating what’s worked!

Networking Events

Break through silos and increase your impact by making connections among other nonprofit leaders. NINA offers networking opportunities to help you engage with other nonprofit professionals, share best practices, and get advice from people on similar paths. 

Learning Labs

The NINA Learning Labs are a series of live or virtual educational sessions based around a variety of topics focused on nonprofit professional & skill development, community resource & knowledge-sharing, and the nonprofit sector’s response to current events. Sessions are FREE to attend for all NINA members.

Marketing Audits

NINA offers a complete marketing audit to determine what’s working – and what isn’t – for your organization. We will assess everything from your web presence and content, print materials and other communication strategies intended to reach your audience. 

CEO Conversations

Leading a nonprofit can be overwhelming. Build your network and swap stories with other leaders. These conversations are designed to provide learning and networking opportunities for nonprofit executive directors and CEOs. With a mix of educational and social gatherings, NINA’s CEO Conversation events allow space for executives to learn from one another and share best practices while strengthening the whole nonprofit community.

Conference Room Access

Organizational members of NINA are invited to utilize our conference room for board and committee meetings. (Based on availability)

Career Center

The Nonprofit Career Center is a free directory of open positions—salaried, hourly and volunteer—in the nonprofit sector in northwest Illinois. Members may have their listings posted. (coming soon!)